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Quick E-Commerce with PHP and PayPal

Finding a secure method of payment can be a problem for small businesses without merchant credit card accounts or access to a secure server. This article concerns creating an e-commerce site using your own shopping cart or a third-party cart in conjunction with PayPal. This solution will maximise the business benefits and minimise the inconvenience to the customer.

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Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Using a database to dynamically create web pages makes for a much improved site in many ways. However, such URLs are not very search engine friendly. Search engines are much better at indexing static pages, and don't do a good job of following hyperlinks that contain query strings. The advantages of a dynamic site are overwhelmingly obvious - so what is to be done?

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Create a Web Forum Using phpBB

If you are thinking about setting up a forum for your web site you need not start from scratch. The open-source script, phpBB, can easily be installed on most web servers. This article will describe how this can be done right from downloading through to customisation.

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Lies, Damned Lies and SQL

When I read about the Developer Shed December Giveaway Contest in the most recent newsletter a thought occurred to me. Given the nature of the Developer Shed Network of sites, there should be an objective, computer-driven way of determining the winner. To remove all question of subjective bias in determining the winner I would like to suggest an algorithm to do just this.

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