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Rescue Me: Help in Trying Times for Linux or Windows Users

Ever been caught without that "rescue disk" and thought that everything was lost, that you have no options but to reinstall the operating system? Well don't do it just yet.

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Sustainable Web Design

Use PHP,CSS and MySQL to create dynamic web content. This will allow for the separation of presentation and content and the ability to create an economical web site that is easily updated and maintained.

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Modular Web Design

A modular approach to page design can save time in developing and maintaining a web site. A page template may be created and the different components of the page plugged in where appropriate. No tools other than a text editor are required.

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Installing MySQL and MySQLGraphic Under Windows

MySQLGraphic is an open-source Java application that provides a graphical interface for MySQL databases under Linux or Windows. MySQL is a powerful, open-source database commonly used for web applications. Getting started with MySQL can be a daunting task especially if you are not very familiar with SQL.

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Reduce the Size of Images

So you've scanned some photos or downloaded them from your digital camera and you want to post them on your web site. You will need to reduce the size of your image file before you upload it - even if you and all your friends have high speed connections.

Listeners in Java

This article seeks to demystify listener interfaces in Java. For example, if you have come to Java from Visual Basic, listeners can seem confusing. If you use a button in VB it comes ready-made with a click event. The programmer doesn't have to worry about how or where mouse or keyboard events will be processed. Not so in Java. Objects are not already event-enabled.

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