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Web Design Using HTML-Kit Part 2

Browsers are notorious for rendering HTML pages perfectly even when a page contains errors. For instance, a button may display properly but not function because of a missing closing tag. Hence the need for tools to check syntax. This is relatively straightforward for static HTML pages but what about dynamic pages?

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Web Design using HTML-Kit

HTML-Kit is a free text editor that will allow you to have complete control over the code you create and will also help speed up web page development. Coding a web page can become quite complex especially when you are using a variety of technologies ...

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Don't Get Spoofed

Opening my e-mail, my eye was naturally drawn to the high-priority notice from PayPal. PayPal is a service I use for receiving or sending payments online. Ever the optimist, I anticipated that it was a notification of receipt of payment into my account, preferably a large one. After reading a few lines I realized that something was not quite right and in fact, that someone was trying to spoof me.

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Java Help Files

Help screens are a necessity for making any application user-friendly. This article will show how the JEditorPane and JFrame classes, along with HTML files, can be used to create help windows for any Java application. This is a project-oriented article that will walk the reader through all the code needed for development. Some familiarity with Java is assumed.

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Search Engine/Directory Submission

If you want your site to be found on the internet very few people would debate the wisdom of submitting it to Google or DMOZ. It obviously makes sense to be listed on the premier search engine and in the top directory. But what about all those other directories and engines out there? Is it worthwhile being listed and if so is it better to make your submission manually or using an automated software tool?

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Using htmlArea

If you wish to develop a web site that others can contribute to, one option is to have text files sent as e-mail attachments, convert these to HTML and then upload the file. There is, however, a better way! If the people making submissions to your site are capable of using a word processor then things can be done much more efficiently. This article will show you how to use a free component called htmlArea ...

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