Object-Oriented PHP


his is the companion site for the book, Object-Oriented PHP, by Peter Lavin, published by No Starch Press.

If you are a PHP programmer who wants to make the switch to an object-oriented approach, Object-Oriented PHP can ease the transition from procedural to object-oriented programming. Basic concepts are introduced using simple but useful classes. By the time you've finished this book you'll have an excellent grasp of object-oriented programming and numerous classes that are easily reused in a variety of circumstances. But, more importantly, you'll be able to create your own classes and extend existing ones.

Here are some of the other things this book can help you do.

  • Create classes and use them effectively
  • Simplify database access by developing MySQL database and result set classes
  • Use PHP Data Objects (PDO) for uniform access to any database
  • Incorporate an RSS reader into your site using only 4 lines of code
  • See how easy it is to use XML when you take an object-oriented approach
  • Take full advantage of advanced OOP features in PHP
  • Integrate PHP with AJAX applications
  • Use PHP to autogenerate documentation for your code

This site provides the accompanying downloads and other useful resources. Need information about internal PHP classes? See the "PHP Classes" link. Looking for cool PHP resources? Check out the links on the "Resources" page or add your own resources on the "Add Resource" Page.

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